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Our Mission

Hands & Voices of Oregon supports families and children who are deaf and hard of hearing through their journey by direct parent to parent connections, Deaf and hard of hearing mentorship, educational advocacy, community development and support programs. We collaborate with Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing professionals, educational and healthcare systems and the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community to benefit our families throughout the state, without bias and with respect.


Our Vision

Oregon deaf and hard of hearing children, along with their families, are empowered to confidently navigate their journeys to reach their full potential and well being.


Guide By Your Side

GBYS is a Hands & Voices program that embodies our strong values of direct peer connections and networking. Hearing loss is the most common birth defect in the United States, yet little information is available to parents. GBYS or “Parent Guides” are parents of children that are deaf or hard-of-hearing that are trained to help families navigate an unfamiliar and sometimes confusing system. Our GBYS program offers parents emotional support from peers, unbiased resources about hearing loss, assistance with early intervention options, education information, and invaluable networking opportunities.


Stand Behind Our Vision

We envision a world where children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Most organizations for or of the deaf rally around common interests that usually include a philosophy of communication that is promoted by that group. Hands & Voices does not promote specific communication choices or methodologies, but we have information about them and can direct families or professionals to other fine support organizations for specific information like the Alexander Graham Bell Association or The American Society for Deaf Children, just to name a few. Our rallying points are areas of interest that are common to all people, but especially parents, connected by the interests of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and include these values…

We value families and children having and accessing relevant services and reliable information.
We value all family members as collaborative partners with agencies, schools and professional organizations.
We value unbiased support for navigating communication modalities, educational priorities, choice to or not to amplify and other technologies.
We value the personal choice of identity for D/deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
We value and respect children and family’s decision making and choices.
We value building communities and leadership where children and families are supported, connected and empowered.
We value inclusion and diversity with respect.
We value integrity and accountability in our leadership and in the services provided to our children and families.