A New Alphabet for Humanity
By Leesa McGregor 

Whenever I come across an extraordinary children’s book I like to share it. This is one of them.

This is an alphabet book to help us remember what is means to good, kind human beings. Some of the words used are, compassion, forgiveness, imagination, optimist, respectful, yes, and zen.

The illustrations are both colorful and inclusive. If you visit the authors website you can also get a free gift of a printable PDF of the alphabet from the book. It’s a beautiful book I highly recommend.

Farts Make Noise
By Kelly Brakenhoff

This is the first book in the “Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series.” It’s a wonderful illustration of everyday noises that typical hearing people take for granted and those with hearing loss may not hear. It reminds us of added steps that we need to teach our kids in a fun and engaging way that some noises are not polite. 

The Book includes Rules of Etiquette in Deaf Communites, 12 ASL signs in the story, and and video link provided in the book with a deaf parent signing the story and a deaf culture lesson. The videos are clear very well done.

Through the Fog
By Valli Gideons

This is a must read no matter where you are on your journey if you have a child with hearing loss.

This book is sitting down with friend having a conversation with someone who “gets it.” Her stories are real life and heartfelt and more importantly a great read. I couldn’t put it down. I took out my high lighter and pretended I was back in college. So much wisdom within the pages.

At the end of the book there is a short glossary but the best part is the, “Bonus Section.”

It’s filled with tips from veteran parent sof children with hearing loss

What Valli What’s you to know about her kids’ hearing loss (this will become your list.)

You Know You are the Parent of a Child with Hearing Loss When…….

You can pick it up and a read a chapter, story, and put it down. Great if you have littles and not a lot of time. Or, if you have time, plow right through. Either way Valli weaves her stories and always reminds us to give ourselves grace and in the end we all do the best we can with information we have and somehow it will be OK.

Tru Biz
By Sara Novic

Definition of Tru Biz (a popular phrase in Deaf Culture): Seriously or Real talk

This is the story that follows Charlie a high school age student to River Valley School for the Deaf as her cochlear implant is failing. It also is a coming of age for her as she meets others who are deaf for the first time and begins to learn to ASL (American Sign Language) for the first time.

It is the story of language deprivation, the struggles we all have of finding our place in this world, identity, and the family dynamics of growing up.

This is a book for young adults and older as there are references to sex, drugs, alcohol, political and moral issues.

I found it to be a fascinating book and could not put it down.