I Can Hear You Whisper
By Lydia Denworth
For any parent who is beginning their journey this is a great read. Lydia weaves her story while explaining the science of hearing, sound, and language.
Since she is a science writer she has a wonderful way of breaking down the science in an engaging way so everyone can understand it. She also delves into the history of amplification as well. This book has been out since 2014 so some of the technology has changed but her personal story of discovery is one that is extrodinary.
Wonderfully Different Wonderfully Me
By Becky Zingale
This is wonderful book about acceptance and inclusion. Becky has done a masterful job of weaving together a story about kindness and the celebration of everyone’s differences. This is a book that should be in every library large or small to help us remember that at our core all any of us want is to be accepted for who we are.