Can I Tell You About… Auditory Processing Disorder?
By Alyson Mountjoy
Although this book is written for kids age seven and up, this is a wonderful book that explains Auditory Processing Order (APD).
Amy, with her sister Lucy and friend Tom explain how every child with APD is affected differently while helping to explain this very complex condition. It is illustrated and written in kid and adult friendly terms to give us all a sense of what it’s like to live with APD.
While this book was written in the UK it gives some very useful tips for communication and working with people with APD.
A great read indeed!

Mighty Mila
By Katie Petruzziello
This is a beautifully illustrated book with Mila, the main character, who happens to have cochlear implants. It provides empowerment for deaf/hard hearing children while promoting inclusion with typical kids. Included in the book are 38 fun, and educational activities for the whole family.
As Mila says, “Be Unique*Be Yourself*Be Mighty” – a pretty good mantra to live by.