Deaf Utopia
By Nyle DiMarco
Deaf Utopia is a love letter about all things deaf. He does a wonderful job weaving Deaf Culture throughout the book. His mother has been a tireless advocate him his whole life.  She has gone out of her way to provide a rich life for all of her boys with a strong language base, always making sure everything was accessible in ASL even if she was the one that needed to provide it. He also explores how language depravation affected  
It’s a memoir of pursuing your dreams and living your best life. It’s a wonderful read for any family who may be worried as to what the future may hold.
Take it from me. Just like Nyle’s mom, if we give our kids roots and wings they will soar.

Want a Hug?
By Christine Babinec, MA, LPC, NCC

It’s never too early to start introducing the language and concept of boundaries to our kids.

This beautifully illustrated book is a fun read with kid friendly and rhyming language that is used everyday.

I love the quote on the back of the of the book that sums up this book:

“Yes means Yes and No means No,
tell all your friends to get in the know.
We can all have fun, play, and be friends,
And always ask permission to touch and hold hands.”