Show Me a Sign
By Ann Clare LeZotte

This is a book set in the early 19th century that weaves the history of the deaf in Martha’s Vineyard with audism, ableism, and racism expertly woven into this story.

Mary is a strong Deaf character who comes from a loving home. This story is filled with adventure, what happens when people don’t understand our differences, and finally how love triumphs.

This is a chapter book that you can read as family at about fourth to fifth grade level and is a teacher’s choice. It is the first in a series of three and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Never Mind!
By Kelly Brakenhoff 

This is the second in the Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series.

How often do we say, “Never mind?” It’s the catchphrase we use when we don’t want to stop and make sure our deaf/HH family members miss the conversation or what’s next. This book is great way to help gently remind us that no one likes be left out.

This book comes with bonus videos and lessons at the end too!