My Child Has Hearing Loss, Now What?
By Dr. Michelle Hu 

Here it is! The guidebook/workbook that all parents need. With the option of a video series that goes along as well. Featuring a whose who of rock stars in the DHH world. Many of whom I either can call friend or have had the honor of hearing them speak. 

Come along with Mama Hu as she guides you through the steps that all parents must navigate once your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss. 

There are guided exercises to help you move the grief and emotions and she leads you as if you’re visiting with your best friend. She has also provided some very useful forms that you will use over and over on this wonderous journey into the world of early intervention, communication choice, amplification, and life.  

They big take away that those of us who have raised kids with hearing loss. They are kids first, we’ve just taken an unexpected detour to Holland but in the end it is after all a journey not a destination. 

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Astrid the Astronaut
By Rie Neal

This is an early chapter book for young readers 6-9 years old. The first in a series. I found this a great read too! Astrid wants to be the first astronaut with hearing aids and to do it with her best friend Hallie. But when Hallie chooses another afterschool club it throughs Astrid’s plan into a tailspin. This is a book that weaves some of the challenges all kids with hearing loss face and how working together and embracing our differences we can not only solve problems but in the end maybe make a new friend or two. This would be a great book to read together as a family and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.