By Haben Girma 

This is a beautiful memoir about a spectacularly successful Deaf/Blind woman. She is the child of immigrants from Eritrea who came to the United States to build a better life. Her story is one of battle and triumph. Her work ethic has made her so successful that she was able to attend college right here in Oregon at Lewis and Clark on a full scholarship. Later, she earned a full scholarship at Harvard Law School. It’s a wonderful look into how she was able to negotiate with her parents to let her take flight and soar, some of the battles she fought for full access, and ultimately how she is living a rich and full life. 

This is a must read! 

The Color Monster
By Anna Llenas

The language of feelings is hard for anyone, but for our DHH kids we need to really take the time to teach the vocabulary. It’s never too early to begin learning how to identify our feelings. This colorful book helps kids identify their feelings using colors. Yellow for happy, blue for sad, red for anger, black for fear, and green for calm. It teaches them to separate the different feelings and put them into different jars. It’s a fun and happy way to start talking about and naming feelings in beautiful colorful book.