The Empowered Parent: Advocating for Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child
Edited by Sara Kennedy and Karen Putz

This is a collection of stories from families that have been in the trenches. It is an uplifting book that covers many topics on our journey of advocating for our children. Take aways are real solutions to issues you may be facing and more importantly inspiration that we are not alone. The stories are short so it’s a book that can be picked up and put down. The perfect read for busy families. I saw myself in many of the stories and you will too. 

Here is the link to purchase this wonderful resource: 

And She Said Breathe
By Kathy Marvel & Kristen Race PhD

This is a book from the Hands and Voices O.U.R. Project (Observe, Understand, Respond). I love this book for the whole family. One of the authors is a first grade teacher and every couple of pages is a different breathing technique designed to teach all of us simple ways to calm and settle ourselves. Its rhyming prose makes it a wonderful read. I have found that this book is a great way to learn different ways of breathing in a delightful way. Not only is it great for kids, but we as adults can also learn some valuable tools in this book. There is also a free Parent/Teacher Guide that goes along with the book. The Parent/Teacher Guide explains the “why” of breathing mindfully and gives a brief explanation of the brain’s stress response. A must-have book for your parent tool kit!