All the Ways I Hear You
By Stephanie Marrufo 

This book should be in your library. It’s a book that explains not only Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants, and BAHAs (bone anchored hearing aids), but it also explains the multiple ways we all can communicate. 

It’s written by a mom who is active in Hands and Voices. Ultimately this book is about communication and reminds us that “the BEST way to hear, is the way that works best for YOU!”

This book is an awesome way to educate family members and community. 

Remedies for Sorrow 
By Megan Nix

This is a beautiful memoir that is very readable and should be required reading for anyone who is of childbearing age, grandparents, and EI professionals. 

Megan has done exhaustive research into CCMV and she weaves this technical data into her own story. This is story of why we aren’t more knowledgeable about CCMV as a society, the lack of knowledge among medical professionals, and ultimately her triumph as a fierce advocate for her daughter.

She writes about how CCMV is a preventable virus but also the biggest cause of birth defects in the US. 

This is wonderful book to read that reminds us even if our parenting journey wasn’t what we envisioned, it’s still beautiful and ultimately we will be OK.  

Afterall don’t we all love tulips?