Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods that Make My Day
By Jamie Lee Curtis 

This is a beautifully illustrated book to help kids explore their emotions. It includes being silly, grumpy, angry, joyful, excited, and lonely (among other feelings we all experience on a daily basis). Our DHH kids need to spend time identifying and expressing their feelings. 

In the back of the book is a face with wheels to visually change both eyes and mouth for kids to show us exactly how they might be feeling. 

I love this book and you will too! 

The Sign for Home 
By Blair Fell 

As I was walking through Powell’s I came across a display of books featuring many disabilities. This was one of their Staff Picks. 

This novel follows Arlo, who has Usher’s Syndrome, through his journey. He begins by experiencing language deprivation and learns to find his voice and advocate for himself. 

There is an underlying love story that begins at a deaf school where, due to a massive communication break down with law enforcement and the medical community, Arlo and Shri lose each other for five and half years. Finally, through tactile communication, they are reunited. 

This book is a wonderful education in the language needs of the Deafblind community and what is possible when given full language/communication access. 

I highly recommend.