Fostering Joy Journal for Kids 

This is a journal for kids to explore themselves and being deaf or hard of hearing. It’s geared towards kiddos in elementary school and can be done with a trusted grown-up.  

It’s filled with fun activities to explore emotions, stories about successful DHH adults, making lists of favorite things and much more. 

I wish this would have been available when my daughter and her friends were growing up!

You can find it at 


Fostering Joy: A Reflective Journal for Families

This is a journal for parents to help them remember that kids are our kids first. It is also a reminder to find the joy in the unique journey of raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. It’s a way to put down your hopes and dreams with easy prompts. Once you start looking for optimism, somehow we find more joy. 

This journal is written with prompts and some great quotes to remind us to not look to the destination but to enjoy the journey. 

Let’s Spark Joy! 

You can find it at