The Butterfly Cage
by Rachel Zemach 

This is the memoir of a Teacher of the Deaf in public school who herself is Deaf.  

This is a courageous book and what’s wrong in deaf ed and what can make things much better. Language is at the heart of the matter and this book also explores Deaf Identity. I laughed and cried throughout this book as Rachel herself discovers her own identity while teaching her students. It’s about having friends and adults you can count on and how prevalent Audism is within the general education community. I’m sure everyone no matter where you live will see that the same issues are happening in your own community. 

I highly recommend this for parents and professionals alike. 

Deaf Child Crossing
By Marlee Maitlin

This is the story of friendship and how a deaf girl and a hearing girl become BFFs. It’s a great beginning chapter book. 

With Cindy moving in down the street Megan decides they will be best friends and do everything together. This is about each girl navigating the world around them and new experiences. While things get rocky at times both girls in the end figure out that while even if you hurt each other’s feelings in the end their friendship was a great gift to each other. 

There is a companion book entitled, Nobody’s Perfect.