The Blue Starfish
by Karen Putz 

This is a beautiful story for little ones about identity and being unique. It’s beautifully illustrated with rich bright colors. It’s a good reminder that we are all perfect just the way we are. While we may be a bit different, let’s remember we are all more alike and we can make the world just a little brighter. 

Yummy Veggies
By Karen Putz

This is a counting book with stunning illustrations of many differing vegetables that can be used a wonderful language builder. It includes beets, bok choy, asparagus, potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, cauliflower, radishes, and many others. It’s a must have to teach our kids about the wonderful world of veggies. 

The Passionate Lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
by Karen Putz 

This is a book that includes stories about 20+ DHH people. This is a wonderful book that led me down the path to learn more about each person profiled.  

This is a book families can read together about a different person each night, reminding our kids that the sky is the limit. There is a race car driver, mountain climber, real estate agent and body builder, to name a few. Once again, a great read.