Sky the Deaf Home Run Hero 
By Mickey Carolan 

This book is written by a CODA (child of deaf adult). It was written to honor his father who was a skilled baseball player. 

Sky discovers that his superpower is the ability to hit home runs. Even though he’s unable to hear, he can focus on the ball. While dealing with bullies who steal his baseball and glove, Sky continues to support his friends even though he has some trouble with communication. 

Then opening day happens. The bullies are amazed at Sky’s ability to hit home runs, he amazes the team of bullies, and he becomes the Home Run Hero. It also gives Sky the courage to stand up to the bullies and make the world better. 

The Silence Between Us
By Alison Gervais 

This is a coming of age novel about Maya who was late deafened, had been in a deaf school, moved across the country, and enrolled in the local high school with an interpreter. 

This book explores how Maya and everyone at school learned how to navigate communication and full access for Maya. 

Maya meets Beau who takes the time and effort to learn ASL and slowly Maya warms up to him and discovers that even though Maya’s family is very loving, not everyone else has the same security. 

My daughter was fully included in high school with interpreters and reading this book reminded me about how hard she had to work to keep up with her hearing peers. 

I have lived and loved this book.