Thirty Million Words
By Dr. Dana Suskind

This is a book that reminds us of the importance of language. It doesn’t matter if your family uses multiple language, just the need to bombard your child with language. 
This book has three main takeaways: 
Tune In, paying attention to your child’s language cues whether it’s speech, signs/gestures, or visual cues. 
Talk More, narrate everything! It’s the easiest way to expose them to rich language. 
Take Turns, your child is never too young to have a conversation with you. 
Language builds your child brain and in turn sets them up for lifelong success. Afterall what we want to raise Well Adjusted Social Kids or WASK!

Emma Every Day: Crazy for Apples
By C.L. Reid

This is wonderful story about going apple picking that doesn’t go perfectly. Emma wears a cochlear implant and also signs most of the time. 
Included is a fingerspelling guide, some basic signs, glossary of terms, ideas for conversation, and some ideas for written activities at the end of the book. 
There are four books in this series. Enjoy them all.