American Sign Language Resources in Oregon

“What works for your child is what makes the decision right!”

At Hands & Voices or Oregon, we support parents with any language or modality choice that they make for their child. If your family is interested in ASL resources, please see the list below for a place to start.

Do you have questions? Or want to add a resource to the list? Please send a note to

And don’t forget, our Parent Guides, located throughout the state of Oregon, are just a call or text away. 

Oregon College Courses

Many universities and colleges offer ASL courses. Some will also allow parents to audit a class for free. Our best advice is to reach out directly to the course instructor and explain that you are a parent of a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child interested in learning the language.

Other Online Resources

Hands & Voices or Oregon does not discriminate on the basis of communication modalities, age, race, religion, gender identity, gender, or immigration status. All are welcome.