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I am the mom to Kari who is profoundly deaf. Our journey began almost 30 years ago before newborn hearing screening.
We were lucky in that we did get her identified at 15 months and had her in Early Intervention by 18 months of age which lines up with the current guidelines of getting children enrolled within three months of diagnosis.
I won’t say everything was easy, but mostly we did everything most families do. For example: camping, vacations with other families that had hearing kids, biking, fishing (she really likes sturgeon fishing), scouting, ballet, piano lessons, golf lessons, swimming, skiing, and volleyball.
The one thing we always did was encourage her to do her best and had the expectation that she would go on to college. She now holds both a BA and MA from Rochester Institute of Technology and is now pursuing another degree in Public Health from Oregon State.
I have worked in Aquatics as a lifeguard, aerobics, swim, first aid, CPR and lifeguard instructor. Most recently I’ve worked at Butte Publications, Inc. where I helped develop and sell educational materials for deaf and hard of hearing students.
My real passion is working as a parent guide for families who are on their own journey, in the beginning or later on. I love helping parents become better advocates for their children and finding their own voices.
Some of my hobbies include walking and gardening, both of which feed my soul and my body.

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February 23, 2018