Turi’s Book Corner

Welcome to Turi’s Book Corner, where Portland Parent Guide, Turi Hoaglin, shares with you some of her favorite children and adult books! Learn more about Turi, or how to get in touch with her, on our Guide By Your Side page!

Turi’s Book Corner (May 2023)

My Child Has Hearing Loss, Now What?
By Dr. Michelle Hu 

Here it is! The guidebook/workbook that all parents need. With the option of a video series that goes along as well. Featuring a whose who of rock stars in the DHH world. Many of whom I either can call friend or have had the honor of hearing them speak. 

Come along with Mama Hu as she guides you through the steps that all parents must navigate once your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss. 

There are guided exercises to help you move the grief and emotions and she leads you as if you’re visiting with your best friend. She has also provided some very useful forms that you will use over and over on this wonderous journey into the world of early intervention, communication choice, amplification, and life.  

They big take away that those of us who have raised kids with hearing loss. They are kids first, we’ve just taken an unexpected detour to Holland but in the end it is after all a journey not a destination. 

Follow Michelle on Instagram, @mamahuhears, for lots of fun tips and tricks too. 

Astrid the Astronaut
By Rie Neal

This is an early chapter book for young readers 6-9 years old. The first in a series. I found this a great read too! Astrid wants to be the first astronaut with hearing aids and to do it with her best friend Hallie. But when Hallie chooses another afterschool club it throughs Astrid’s plan into a tailspin. This is a book that weaves some of the challenges all kids with hearing loss face and how working together and embracing our differences we can not only solve problems but in the end maybe make a new friend or two. This would be a great book to read together as a family and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. 

Turi’s Book Corner (March 2023)

Show Me a Sign
By Ann Clare LeZotte

This is a book set in the early 19th century that weaves the history of the deaf in Martha’s Vineyard with audism, ableism, and racism expertly woven into this story.

Mary is a strong Deaf character who comes from a loving home. This story is filled with adventure, what happens when people don’t understand our differences, and finally how love triumphs.

This is a chapter book that you can read as family at about fourth to fifth grade level and is a teacher’s choice. It is the first in a series of three and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Never Mind!
By Kelly Brakenhoff 

This is the second in the Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series.

How often do we say, “Never mind?” It’s the catchphrase we use when we don’t want to stop and make sure our deaf/HH family members miss the conversation or what’s next. This book is great way to help gently remind us that no one likes be left out.

This book comes with bonus videos and lessons at the end too!

Turi’s Book Corner (February 2023)

Deaf Utopia
By Nyle DiMarco
Deaf Utopia is a love letter about all things deaf. He does a wonderful job weaving Deaf Culture throughout the book. His mother has been a tireless advocate him his whole life.  She has gone out of her way to provide a rich life for all of her boys with a strong language base, always making sure everything was accessible in ASL even if she was the one that needed to provide it. He also explores how language depravation affected  
It’s a memoir of pursuing your dreams and living your best life. It’s a wonderful read for any family who may be worried as to what the future may hold.
Take it from me. Just like Nyle’s mom, if we give our kids roots and wings they will soar.

Want a Hug?
By Christine Babinec, MA, LPC, NCC

It’s never too early to start introducing the language and concept of boundaries to our kids.

This beautifully illustrated book is a fun read with kid friendly and rhyming language that is used everyday.

I love the quote on the back of the of the book that sums up this book:

“Yes means Yes and No means No,
tell all your friends to get in the know.
We can all have fun, play, and be friends,
And always ask permission to touch and hold hands.”

Turi’s Book Corner (January 2023)

Can I Tell You About… Auditory Processing Disorder?
By Alyson Mountjoy
Although this book is written for kids age seven and up, this is a wonderful book that explains Auditory Processing Order (APD).
Amy, with her sister Lucy and friend Tom explain how every child with APD is affected differently while helping to explain this very complex condition. It is illustrated and written in kid and adult friendly terms to give us all a sense of what it’s like to live with APD.
While this book was written in the UK it gives some very useful tips for communication and working with people with APD.
A great read indeed!

Mighty Mila
By Katie Petruzziello
This is a beautifully illustrated book with Mila, the main character, who happens to have cochlear implants. It provides empowerment for deaf/hard hearing children while promoting inclusion with typical kids. Included in the book are 38 fun, and educational activities for the whole family.
As Mila says, “Be Unique*Be Yourself*Be Mighty” – a pretty good mantra to live by.

Turi’s Book Corner (December 2022)

My Monster Truck
By Kathleen Marcath
This is wonderful book for truck lovers full of vocabulary for families.It’s a tale about a little guy and his buddy, his monster truck that goes everywhere with him. It is beautifully illustrated and will keep all kids and grownups engaged. There are action words, nouns, colors, and emotions included. A wonderful addition to any library.

Cassandra Sato Mysteries
By Kelly Brackenhoff

This is a wonderful series about a college administrator who moves from Hawaii to Nebraska. She is navigating being of Asian/Hawaiian descent in Nebraska, getting used to very different weather, food, and culture. All the while trying to help the deaf students on campus. This is a wonderful book that delves into both deaf culture and accommodations and how they can benefit all of us.

Here is a link to a sample of the books.

Turi’s Book Corner (November 2022)

I Can Hear You Whisper
By Lydia Denworth
For any parent who is beginning their journey this is a great read. Lydia weaves her story while explaining the science of hearing, sound, and language.
Since she is a science writer she has a wonderful way of breaking down the science in an engaging way so everyone can understand it. She also delves into the history of amplification as well. This book has been out since 2014 so some of the technology has changed but her personal story of discovery is one that is extrodinary.
Wonderfully Different Wonderfully Me
By Becky Zingale
This is wonderful book about acceptance and inclusion. Becky has done a masterful job of weaving together a story about kindness and the celebration of everyone’s differences. This is a book that should be in every library large or small to help us remember that at our core all any of us want is to be accepted for who we are.

Turi’s Book Corner (October 2022)

A New Alphabet for Humanity
By Leesa McGregor 

Whenever I come across an extraordinary children’s book I like to share it. This is one of them.

This is an alphabet book to help us remember what is means to good, kind human beings. Some of the words used are, compassion, forgiveness, imagination, optimist, respectful, yes, and zen.

The illustrations are both colorful and inclusive. If you visit the authors website you can also get a free gift of a printable PDF of the alphabet from the book. It’s a beautiful book I highly recommend.

Farts Make Noise
By Kelly Brakenhoff

This is the first book in the “Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series.” It’s a wonderful illustration of everyday noises that typical hearing people take for granted and those with hearing loss may not hear. It reminds us of added steps that we need to teach our kids in a fun and engaging way that some noises are not polite. 

The Book includes Rules of Etiquette in Deaf Communites, 12 ASL signs in the story, and and video link provided in the book with a deaf parent signing the story and a deaf culture lesson. The videos are clear very well done.

Through the Fog
By Valli Gideons

This is a must read no matter where you are on your journey if you have a child with hearing loss.

This book is sitting down with friend having a conversation with someone who “gets it.” Her stories are real life and heartfelt and more importantly a great read. I couldn’t put it down. I took out my high lighter and pretended I was back in college. So much wisdom within the pages.

At the end of the book there is a short glossary but the best part is the, “Bonus Section.”

It’s filled with tips from veteran parent sof children with hearing loss

What Valli What’s you to know about her kids’ hearing loss (this will become your list.)

You Know You are the Parent of a Child with Hearing Loss When…….

You can pick it up and a read a chapter, story, and put it down. Great if you have littles and not a lot of time. Or, if you have time, plow right through. Either way Valli weaves her stories and always reminds us to give ourselves grace and in the end we all do the best we can with information we have and somehow it will be OK.

Tru Biz
By Sara Novic

Definition of Tru Biz (a popular phrase in Deaf Culture): Seriously or Real talk

This is the story that follows Charlie a high school age student to River Valley School for the Deaf as her cochlear implant is failing. It also is a coming of age for her as she meets others who are deaf for the first time and begins to learn to ASL (American Sign Language) for the first time.

It is the story of language deprivation, the struggles we all have of finding our place in this world, identity, and the family dynamics of growing up.

This is a book for young adults and older as there are references to sex, drugs, alcohol, political and moral issues.

I found it to be a fascinating book and could not put it down.